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Fx4: Theater Workshop

Burke and Maggie attended a theater workshop at the same place Burke normally has his art classes. They had so much fun!! Since it was 3 – 6 year olds, the teacher focused on getting the kids aware of their bodies. So they each got a turn pretending to be an animal while the rest of the class guessed what they were, then they played freeze dance (a favorite of Burke and Maggie’s!), then they got the dress-up box out and pretended to be different people (Burke was a butterfly and Maggie was a princess – surprise 😉 ), and then they made masks out of felt. All-in-all, a good time!

Jumping to the Music

(Burke is on the left with the light blue shirt and green pants. Maggie is on the right with the striped shirt and the purple skirt.)

Having a Blast with Freeze Dance

I managed to get some of it on video, but I have to admit that I was chatting with the other moms and missed a bunch…

(1 minute, 33 seconds)

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