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Mature Taste Buds?

I ran across some Fun Dip yesterday – on sale because they were Valentines Day cards – and snapped them up because my memory of Fun Dip is a good one. Actually…I don’t really like the “dip” part much, but I remembered *loving* those sticks. You know what I’m talking about … it came in a three-pouch design with a stick on each end. I think the flavors were grape, cherry, and … lime? I remember racing to get through the packs with just one stick just so I could enjoy the second stick without the extra sugar.

Guess what? Either they’ve changed the recipe for those sticks, or *gasp* my taste buds have matured.

I suppose I should come to terms with it. A few years ago I got really excited to have some Beefaroni with my kids. Do you know how much I looked forward to that? Do you know how disgusting it really is??

And Fluff. I wanted a Fluffernutter … but … ya, you know the rest. Blech.

AND! AND! To make matters worse?? I actually like tomatoes now. What the heck??