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Logan had his Early Intervention re-evaluation today. Ms. Speech had said she knew he’d qualify for the speech part again (barely) and he does. What’s always amazing to me is watching him do things at these evaluations that I had no idea he was capable of doing! (It always amazes me to hear all of the things I’m SUPPOSED to be doing with him at this age too…ooops!)

Anyway – he scored pretty high for his cognition (27 months), gross motor (29 months), and fine motor (31 months!) skills. His social emotional skills are right on track and his self care and receptive language are both about a month behind.  (Self care only because this test was created in the 70’s and they expect kids to be potty trained by 2. Are ya kidding me??)

Some of the things they asked if he was doing that surprised me:

  • drinking from a cup (non-sippy)
  • walking along a balance beam (or curb)
  • taking a wrapper off something (or a banana peel)

Some of the questions they only ask to see if he’s more advanced than he’s supposed to be. But those 3 … we’ve never really even tried. At least, *I* haven’t tried them with him. And uhm, we still give Burke and Marjorie cups with tops LOL

Some of the things he can do that surprised me:

  • match colors together
  • match shapes together
  • point to objects on command that I wasn’t even aware he knew existed

Some of the things he can do that surprised the evaluators:

  • stack blocks 7 high
  • hold a crayon the “right” way
  • not only draw a circle on command – but trace the one already there
  • put a 3 piece puzzle of a person together – 3 cards with head, body, and legs.

Go Logan 🙂

Boggles the Mind

Logan had his Early Intervention evaluation yesterday. Four very nice young ladies came to “play” with him and evaluate every aspect of his development. Burke and Maggie went through this as well, so I knew what to expect.

Logan had a blast with all the new “toys” and all of the attention (and with no siblings to take things away!) He wasn’t feeling 100% (still isn’t) and is majorly congested.

Anyway…long story, short – He qualifies for services. You have to have at least a 30% delay in at least one developmental area to qualify. Obviously, I wasn’t surprised that he qualified – I wouldn’t have requested the evaluation if I didn’t think he needed it, right? 🙂

I AM surprised at how far behind his speech actually is. Remembering that he’s 18 months old, he checks in – for speech – at 5 months. Yikes!! That’s more than a year behind! Given that he wasn’t feeling well, I could make some excuses … but what the ladies saw is pretty much what he’s got.

In the other areas he’s either right on schedule or well above. (Apparently, he’s a very social kid – his social skills clock in at 24 months heh) Luckily, the ladies are “excited” by his type. Meaning, they can totally tell that he understands that he needs to communicate, and HOW to communicate (that it’s a two-way thing), he just lacks the ability to create the actual sounds to communicate. They say he’s a bit of an oddity because he’s got intonation for things (like, he’ll intone “Thank you!” when you hand him something or “Up, Please.” if he wants you to pick him up…he just doesn’t say the words), and apparently that’s a bit ahead for his age. (Making scoring him a little bit of a challenge.)

They were impressed when a ball rolled under the table and out into another room…and he looked under the table, but didn’t follow the ball. He went around the table to get it. They were also impressed by how he holds a crayon – apparently little kids aren’t supposed to be holding writing utensils correctly yet 😉 And they loved his reasoning skills – figuring out how to get his juice that was too far away, but on a washcloth by pulling the cloth.

Smart kid! We just gotta get him talking.

Still a Little Peanut

Logan had his 18 month old checkup today. And … he’s still a little peanut.

The Stats
Weight: 21 pounds 3 ounces (3rd percentile)
Height: 31 inches (25th percentile)

He’s still pretty much on his own growth chart, so Dr.  Doctor isn’t worried much more than wanting to keep track of it. She doesn’t think any tests are needed to see if there’s something “wrong.”

He’s on track for everything (running, climbing, coloring, etc) except speech. Given Burke’s history with speech – I’m really not that surprised. Apparently, at 18 months you should have a minimum of 25 words…I was hard-pressed to come up with 6. (cheese, juice, no, shoes, daddy, bye…) There are probably some I’m forgetting … but even these are somewhat pushing it. He does try to imitate, and uses intonation for many things. He even intones “thank you” when you give him something. 🙂

As a precaution, Dr. Doctor wants his hearing tested (I’m sure it’s fine, but you can’t ever be too careful), and a screening by Early Intervention. Since both Burke and Maggie went through EI – I have absolutely no problem with that screening – they were wonderful with the twins!

The poor little guy got two shots in his arm – but didn’t even flinch. He squeaked like he was about to cry, but then must have thought, “Huh. That wasn’t so bad” and moved on. He’s such a great kid.