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Still a Little Peanut

Logan had his 18 month old checkup today. And … he’s still a little peanut.

The Stats
Weight: 21 pounds 3 ounces (3rd percentile)
Height: 31 inches (25th percentile)

He’s still pretty much on his own growth chart, so Dr.  Doctor isn’t worried much more than wanting to keep track of it. She doesn’t think any tests are needed to see if there’s something “wrong.”

He’s on track for everything (running, climbing, coloring, etc) except speech. Given Burke’s history with speech – I’m really not that surprised. Apparently, at 18 months you should have a minimum of 25 words…I was hard-pressed to come up with 6. (cheese, juice, no, shoes, daddy, bye…) There are probably some I’m forgetting … but even these are somewhat pushing it. He does try to imitate, and uses intonation for many things. He even intones “thank you” when you give him something. 🙂

As a precaution, Dr. Doctor wants his hearing tested (I’m sure it’s fine, but you can’t ever be too careful), and a screening by Early Intervention. Since both Burke and Maggie went through EI – I have absolutely no problem with that screening – they were wonderful with the twins!

The poor little guy got two shots in his arm – but didn’t even flinch. He squeaked like he was about to cry, but then must have thought, “Huh. That wasn’t so bad” and moved on. He’s such a great kid.

7 Responses

  1. I remember a check-up with the twins where they “should have a min. # of words.” I asked if animal sounds count. Moo-moo, baa-baa, woof-woof.

  2. 25 words? GAH! At our appointment last week they just wanted reassurance that the boys had 3 words. Can’t wait to hear about your early intervention. Between you saying this 25 words thing and Goddess’ post on her appt today, I’m thinking I need an appt. for Aaron and Brady! Also, always a good idea to have that hearing tested early just in case. If there was anything going on, it’s good to know sooner rather than later. I took our boys last summer; it was comical!

  3. “all that is small…… is beautiful!”
    enjoy your little peanut! He’ll be taller than you before you know it..

  4. Woo for peanuts! 🙂 But hey, he’s still bigger than Rebecca.

    Good luck with the hearing test and the eval!

  5. I thought they need about 10 by 18 months, not 25! I am sure you have no need to worry!

  6. Hmm, he’s almost as big as my 25 lb, 3.5 year olds. 🙂 My kids didn’t have anywhere near that many words at 18 months and our pedi thought they were well within normal range. Interesting how pedi’s vary in opinions.

  7. My son just turned 19 months and doesn’t even have 10 words. They’ll probably want to test him too.

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