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Logan had his Early Intervention re-evaluation today. Ms. Speech had said she knew he’d qualify for the speech part again (barely) and he does. What’s always amazing to me is watching him do things at these evaluations that I had no idea he was capable of doing! (It always amazes me to hear all of the things I’m SUPPOSED to be doing with him at this age too…ooops!)

Anyway – he scored pretty high for his cognition (27 months), gross motor (29 months), and fine motor (31 months!) skills. His social emotional skills are right on track and his self care and receptive language are both about a month behind.  (Self care only because this test was created in the 70’s and they expect kids to be potty trained by 2. Are ya kidding me??)

Some of the things they asked if he was doing that surprised me:

  • drinking from a cup (non-sippy)
  • walking along a balance beam (or curb)
  • taking a wrapper off something (or a banana peel)

Some of the questions they only ask to see if he’s more advanced than he’s supposed to be. But those 3 … we’ve never really even tried. At least, *I* haven’t tried them with him. And uhm, we still give Burke and Marjorie cups with tops LOL

Some of the things he can do that surprised me:

  • match colors together
  • match shapes together
  • point to objects on command that I wasn’t even aware he knew existed

Some of the things he can do that surprised the evaluators:

  • stack blocks 7 high
  • hold a crayon the “right” way
  • not only draw a circle on command – but trace the one already there
  • put a 3 piece puzzle of a person together – 3 cards with head, body, and legs.

Go Logan 🙂

6 Responses

  1. Sounds like he’s doing pretty good! My son isn’t potty trained either. I haven’t got brave enough yet, lol!

  2. Oh he did so well. I was told that drinking out of a normal cup helps with tongue control that helps with pronounciation.

  3. so, does this mean I should set up a balance beam in my house??

  4. Go, Logan. Penny’s re-evaluation is next month. If she doesn’t qualifiy I’m going to have Ned tested for speech and fine motor. They love the weekly playgroup and I want them to keep going!

  5. My team told me the same thing about potty training. It got a good laugh from the group! As for the three things you listed that “surprised” you when they asked…ditto for us. I was like “are you kidding? of COURSE I don’t let them drink from a non-sippy cup!” I have no idea if they would know how to do that! And I’ve never given them a granola bar not already opened, etc.
    Glad he’s doing well in the program, we’re pretty happy as well (not that you’d know that from the silence on my blog….) I’m very impressed with his circle drawing!

  6. My son is in EI as well and I uttered the dreaded SUPPOSED TO phrase a billion times. I am so relieved to see someone else say those exact words. I always feel like such a deliquent during those sessions. I am surprised they didn’t question whether or not I realized I even had a child. Great news. Well done. 🙂

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