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My Dream Machine

I want a front loading washer that is also a dryer. One machine.

Seriously – how hard would it be to make this washing/drying machine? They already have front-loading washers. There’s already a mechanism to “block” the holes in it so that it gets filled with water; the same type of thing can be used for the drying cycle. Or make it so that the whole drum rotates … water through the holes for the washing cycle – CLICK: drum rotated – air through the holes for the drying cycle.

I want to be able to set both cycles from the beginning…including if I don’t want to dry the clothes at all…or if I want the machine to pause and wait for me to say “okay – go” for the drying cycle (you know, if there are bras and such that need to be taken out and hung up first).

Now, I know you may be thinking, “But, you dry a load while the next load is washing…it’ll take longer if it’s the same machine.” I’ve thought about this…and it actually won’t be – at least for me. For the number of hours I forget about the laundry and it just sits there, this machine will make up for that. And no more laundry sitting in the washer – wet – overnight!

Or…get two “Clothes Clean” machines (see? I’ve already named it!) to replace the two (washer/dryer) you’ve already got – the space is already there – and you’ll get it done even faster than you could have before. 🙂

Now…who’s going to make this for me?

****EDIT**** Snick just let me know that they *DO* make these! Who knew?? Here’s the link she provided: http://www.lgwasherdryer.com/combos/wm3431hw.htm Anybody use one of these? Have they improved since she used one in Europe?  Thanks Snick!!