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My Dream Machine

I want a front loading washer that is also a dryer. One machine.

Seriously – how hard would it be to make this washing/drying machine? They already have front-loading washers. There’s already a mechanism to “block” the holes in it so that it gets filled with water; the same type of thing can be used for the drying cycle. Or make it so that the whole drum rotates … water through the holes for the washing cycle – CLICK: drum rotated – air through the holes for the drying cycle.

I want to be able to set both cycles from the beginning…including if I don’t want to dry the clothes at all…or if I want the machine to pause and wait for me to say “okay – go” for the drying cycle (you know, if there are bras and such that need to be taken out and hung up first).

Now, I know you may be thinking, “But, you dry a load while the next load is washing…it’ll take longer if it’s the same machine.” I’ve thought about this…and it actually won’t be – at least for me. For the number of hours I forget about the laundry and it just sits there, this machine will make up for that. And no more laundry sitting in the washer – wet – overnight!

Or…get two “Clothes Clean” machines (see? I’ve already named it!) to replace the two (washer/dryer) you’ve already got – the space is already there – and you’ll get it done even faster than you could have before. 🙂

Now…who’s going to make this for me?

****EDIT**** Snick just let me know that they *DO* make these! Who knew?? Here’s the link she provided: http://www.lgwasherdryer.com/combos/wm3431hw.htm Anybody use one of these? Have they improved since she used one in Europe?  Thanks Snick!!

7 Responses

  1. You should be running to the patent office!

  2. They make them! They are quite popular in Europe. The only problem is that the dryer part doesn’t usually work all that well, or at least they didn’t when was living in Europe. Check out this link:


  3. You obviously don’t watch enough british reality shows.
    I’ve seen this in baby stories in england. yeah, i watch way too much tv.
    They usually have it in their kitchen which is totally weird to me.

  4. Some friends of mine had one in their tiny condo. It worked really well, but it took forever to do laundry. They had to make sure they didn’t fall behind on the laundry.

  5. We have those here in South Africa – Defy and LG both have models. They are only 5 kg machines though – I find I nead my 8kg machinge for a family of 5. Not sure about the performance of them though.

  6. It could be worse. In England my washer took TWO HOURS to do one load of laundry. And as to the comments that people in England use dryers…it’s called a clothesline! I was in the minority having an actual clothes dryer.

  7. Wooh! This is an amazing read !

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