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Friday’s Foto: Parent – Teacher Conferences

No, I didn’t take a picture while I was at the kids’ parent/teacher conferences 😉
I did take a picture of the paper Burke’s teacher gave to me though. *grin*

Much like the progress reports, there were no big surprises at the conferences. Both teachers are super nice and seem to really like having the kids in their classrooms. I love that both teachers “check in” with each other to see how the other child is doing – and to let Burke say “hi” to Maggie during school (or vice versa).

Maggie’s teacher, Mrs. S., mentioned that Maggie is a wee bit unorganized…which also translates into unorganized thoughts sometimes, and unorganized letters while trying to write. (Ya…like I said, no big surprises 😉 ). We heard very similar things from Miss Speech when Maggie was with her. As I have said before, we just need to figure out Maggie’s way of learning and support her in that way. Mrs. S. also mentioned that Maggie is super focused in circle time and is ready to get down to business. She stretches her words out quite nicely (for example, saying the sounds C – A – T), and can recognize what the word is when someone else stretches the word for her.

Burke’s teacher, Miss O., mentioned that Burke is getting better with the socializing, but she still has to remind him to go over and play with other kids now and again. He’s got all of the academic stuff down and is right where he should be. She noticed that he likes teaching things…so when she gets the chance, she lets him go with it. Apparently last week he taught the whole class how to draw a dolphin 🙂

Have I mentioned that I LOVE their teachers?

Anyway…the photos. Burke’s classwork from last week (front and back):

Actual written words:

My name is Burke. I am 6. yeers old. I like to eet peezza. I like to go to j on in wif my fans. My farit cur is rabo. I am BuDfl.

Translation: My name is Burke. I am 6 years old. I like to eat pizza. I like to go to Jump On In with my friends. My favorite color is rainbow. I am beautiful.


Miss O. was telling me that where he had “eet” he originally at “et” …but knew THAT wasn’t right, so he puzzled over it for a while and then finally changed it to “eet.” When she asked him what he was thinking while writing it, he told her that “feet” sounded right, so eat must be “eet.” I know I’m his mom, but I think that’s brilliant *sheepish grin*

Oh, and the picture is Burke in the middle with brainstorming all around him. To the left is Burke drawing with an orange crayon. At the bottom is the “rabo” rainbow color he likes. To his right is pizza. And at the top is the entire family – including the dog, two cats, and the fish.

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