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All 3 kids got their progress reports this past week. There were no HUGE surprises, but definitely a couple of eye openers. I’m looking forward to the Kindergarten parent conferences.

Logan’s made me laugh…he got a “working on Skill plus” (W+) in Participates willingly with classroom clean up. Good to see that’s the same as at home 😉 He got a W in Using crayons and Tracing, and W+ in using scissors. Everything else is a Good Progress (G).

Burke Meets Standards (M) in most everything, with a few Demonstrates Understanding and is applying with increasing frequencies (P) peppered through. He still has Emerging (E) in his social skills though. Clearly some things we need to reinforce more at home, and I’m glad we have an idea of what those things are now.

Maggie. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. I think we’ve come to realize that school might always be a bit of a struggle for her. It’s still early in her academic life though, so perhaps not. We’ll obviously give her all of the support she needs. I think the root of it all is the P in Puts forth best effort. We see this at home as well…and we’re working on getting her to try her hardest. She probably has about the same number of Ps and Ms as Burke, but in different areas (Duh – they’re different kids 🙂 ) Her social skills are just fine. She’s got Es in a few areas, but the alarming one is the Not Emerging (NE) in Recognizes numbers 1 – 20. She can *count* to 100…she just doesn’t recognize many of the written teens. We’ve created some flash cards and we’re working on it. She has an NE in Estimates as well, but that one doesn’t worry me as much…I mean – I’m still terrible as estimating things 😉

I have no doubt that the brains are in there…and we know from her speech sessions that she has a different way of learning things. We just need to figure out how to best support her and get her learning in her own way.

3 Responses

  1. You’ve got great kiddos…and they a great mom! I do get so very tickled at the varied letter assignations in each school district.

    I remember getting a “U” one season in “Exhibits Self Control”—cannot imagine in today’s era any school would make that kind of designation! (I did NOT deserve a “P” as I was FAR from putting forth my best effort…. 🙂 )

  2. “U” was for UNSATISFACTORY. ;p)

  3. I’m so used to being on the giving end of progress reports. I know it’s going to be harder to be on the receiving end. But it sounds like you know your kids well and can take them for what they are. You’ll probably get more specific information at the conferences. Hopefully that will give you a better picture of what’s really going on.

    As a side note, I once had a 1st grader who, on the first day of school, was unwilling to get in the line for the bus I told her to ride. I kept telling her that she was to ride bus sixteen, and she kept telling me that she didn’t ride that bus. Finally the speech and language teacher, who knew her from kindergarten, came over to help me. She asked the girl which bus she thought she was supposed to ride. The girl’s response: “Bus one six.” Ha! We were both right!

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