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The Dog

Higgins was supposed to be snipped today…however, Mike’s morning routine included feeding the dog this morning (damn those habits!), so we couldn’t bring Higgins in for surgery today. Oh, and when I came downstairs, Burke had just set down a full bowl of kibble as well. (Seriously? Since when do the kids feed the dog in the morning?? sheesh πŸ˜› ) So…he’s now rescheduled for next Monday. I’m thinking I’ll put a little note on his food next Sunday πŸ˜‰

I’m a little bummed because I was really hoping he’d settle down after being snipped. (Although, Mr. Trainer says that may not happen. ACK!)

We had an incident yesterday…Mike and the kids were fooling around (tickle torture) on the couch last night and apparently Higgins wanted to get in on it. He ended up bumping Burke’s cheek…and unfortunately, Higgins most likely had his mouth open because it looks like his teeth scraped Burke’s cheek. It does not look like a bite…and we were watching the whole thing; we are 100% sure that it was not malicious. Higgins just has no idea how strong he is and he wants to be a part of everything.

Even knowing all this – it’s still a little scary! And we’ve learned our lesson: no horseplay while Higgins is in the room. I’ve already talked with Mr. Trainer and he’s on board to help out with this type of behavior as well.

And the good news is that while Burke was a little shy right after, he seems to have no fear of Higgins now. (A healthy dose of caution, but he’s not afraid to be in the same room with him.)

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  1. Awesome post, ❀ animals πŸ™‚

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