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Just Breathe

I went to the Minute clinic this morning. I’ve been coughing for about a month and a half now…and last week my throat started to feel sore. Before Thanksgiving, I went to see my doctor (saw the one on call) and they said my lungs were clear and that my throat is probably just sore from post-nasal drip and here’s some cough syrup with codeine to get you through the night. Oh, and if it’s still sore after a week, come on back.

Well, my doctor’s office is about 45 minutes away…and I had thought they’d just do a strep test (which I don’t need an appointment for), so I decided instead of taking the drive, I’d hit the minute clinic that’s less than 10 minutes away. (A half hour wait later…)

Anyway, I talked with the doctor (RN??) there and she immediately stated that I have a sinus infection … which is what’s causing the post-nasal drip … which is why I’m coughing. Oh, and there may be a case of bronchitis.

So…now I’m on meds and an inhaler!

Part of me is relieved – please oh please let this kick this crap OUT of me. Part of me is pissed – why didn’t my doctor see ANY of this last week? Part of me is skeptical – Minute Clinic…in CVS … are they just trying to sell more meds?? Most of me just wants to feel better.

3 Responses

  1. feel better soon!

  2. Frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve had similar experiences and my doctor friends say that probably the infection either wasn’t there last week or wasn’t aggressive enough to be noticed. Perhaps they are just protecting their colleagues, but makes sense to me.

    Hope you feel better yesterday!

  3. hope it works.
    I am likely going to be taking the same trip for myself… thinking I have walking pneumonia. ugh

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