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There Were Tears

Today started out like any other day…got the kids up and ready for school – just like any other Tuesday for the past few weeks.

The first difference was when Burke asked to be a “Bring lunch in” kid. Apparently the Bagel and Cream Cheese slated for “hot” lunch at school wasn’t going to cut it for him today (And I can’t say that I blame him…WTF?! THAT is not lunch. And the alternate “hot” lunch today? A pretzel with cheese sticks. Seriously?? Oh don’t get me started.) Anyway…no big deal – we reverted to his typical preschool lunch: pepperonis, baby carrots, and ketchup. (Hey – at least there’s some meat there…) Maggie decided that she wanted the same thing, so I put together her lunch as well. No biggie.

When it was time to bring Logan to school, he eagerly got into the car and we were off. We parked and got out…he held my hand while walking in…and then just froze as soon as we got into his classroom.

Okay, no big deal…he’s feeling a little shy today, so I’ll help him get his coat, backpack, and snack into his cubby and walk him to the drawing table where he’ll sit and color as I leave. Ya. No dice. He wouldn’t let go of my hand. He didn’t want to sit. He didn’t want to color. At one point, he got so clingy I had to pick him up! THIS is not the Logan of Preschool past. The Logan who barely acknowledged me as he ran off to play.

I stayed for as long as I could and then just had to hand him off to Mrs. Teacher. Logan wouldn’t let go of my shirt and gave me that panicked look of “I can’t believe you’re just going to LEAVE me here!!” and started crying.

OMG!! I couldn’t keep myself from tearing up as well! And THAT’S not me!! I’ve never cried while leaving a kid somewhere. Oh the desperation in his face! 😦

I practically ran out of the building to break down in the comfort of my van. But not before promising to pick him up after school (Nanny Jessica has been picking him up). Poor kid!

The whole time he was in school I kept telling myself that he got over it as soon as I walked out the door, but I was still weepy for most of the morning.

Fast forward to pickup time. I go to get him – just like I promised – and he RUNS to give me a hug. All smiles. And Mrs. Teacher said he was just fine all day…he snapped out of it almost immediately.

OY! Kids. I tell ya.

2 Responses

  1. ooh, I’m really sorry to hear about your rough time with Logan! That phase is really rough–especially after having such a positive start!

    But my real comment(s) is about the school lunch! OMG–you and I are on the same page–in more than one way. I *never* let my boys buy lunch on bagel day, mozzerela stick day–not real lunch! (or at least I’m not paying $2 for a kids’ bagel). And when I found out my boys had pretzels as an alternate one day…No, No, NO! So once a week I have them take a lunch in. We choose the “least acceptable” hot lunch item to either them/me. And as for Little Guy, he has never been a sandwich person. His lunchbox-lunch has always been pepperoni, ritz crackers, and either string cheese or carrot sticks. LOL!

  2. Poor Logan 😦 I hope he gets out of this phase quickly 😦

    You should check out Jamie Oliver’s food revolution–all about the disturbing things that pass for school lunch.

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