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Updates: School, Doctor


Today is day 3 of school for Burke and Maggie. I’m happy to report that they’re still happily getting on the bus in the morning. (My gut feeling is that they’re much happier to do that than get into the van to go…so that’s actually worked out well!) And it totally looked like Burke didn’t want to get off the bus coming home yesterday (although, I suspect he just wasn’t paying attention and had no idea that it was sitting outside our house…)

The first day they got home, I saw that Burke still had a full cup of his snack left…and a note from the teacher saying that it wasn’t labeled so they couldn’t identify it as “safe” (no peanut products are allowed). What?! You can’t identify Goldfish … that’s on your “Okay to bring into school” list?? AND Maggie’s teacher was able to..? Ya. Livid. Burke seemed fine though – he got cheese (or maybe cheese Goldfish??) from the teacher and liked it. I went back and forth as to whether I was going to be THAT mom and send an email in to Burke’s teacher…and decided that I’d send her an email (I had a few other questions anyway), but apologize for not labeling his snack cup. (I was under the impression that if it was on the “Okay” list, you could just send it in…) ANYWAY…I’m glad I didn’t go off on her, she’s just doing her job to keep the kids safe – and she’s super nice. But mama bear definitely needed to cool down first to be rational 😉

We’ve had a few nights of homework already…the same homework assignment for both of them – on different nights. Put 3 – 5 items in the paper lunch bag that tell everyone about you. (Maggie’s teacher suggested they decorate the bag.) Burke’s items: one of his McQueen cars, a pink crayon from his beloved art set, and one of his GameBoy games. Maggie’s items: a Cinderella figurine, a pink marker (because she likes pink AND drawing), her ballet slippers, and a microphone-shaped pen (because she likes singing AND drawing). So far, each time they’ve come home, I’ve asked if they shared their items with the class…and so far, each time they’ve said “nope. maybe tomorrow.” Hmm.

Neither of them can remember any of their classmates’ names. (Poor kids – they get that from me.) So, I can only ask if they’ve played with the kids I know to be in the class…cuz if I ask who they played with I get “I don’t know.” Whoo boy.

The thing I hear the most about? Lunch. LOL!


Logan had his 3 year Well Visit yesterday. I’ve written a few times about his doctors being worried about how small he is (here and here). Dr. Doctor told me she was reading the notes from Dr. Endo and thought she had read that if Logan is still not growing when he goes back to Dr. Endo in January, they’ll start talking about doing stuff. (I don’t recall her saying that to me…but decided that I wouldn’t be doing anything different right now even if she had, so it’s all good).

But then Dr. Doctor looked at Logan’s growth since the last time he was with her (6 months ago) and decided that while he’s not THRIVING, he’s not doing too badly either.

The Stats:
Height: 36 inches
Weight: 28 pounds

My little blue book (the one the nurses fill out at appointments) says that this is about 3.5 inches taller and 4 pounds heavier than a year ago. They’re mostly tracking height, so he’s now in the 15th or so percentile…which is higher than 6 months ago (about 9th percentile), but still not so high. Although – I was just comparing it to Burke’s blue book… at Burke’s 3 year appointment, he 36.5 inches tall and 27 pounds. Hm. (I know, I know…kids follow their OWN paths…)

Anyway – Logan got two shots. He was just fine for one of them, but the second one did him in. He’s used to a nurse on either side getting him at the same time…no time to think about the 2nd shot cuz it’s done at the same time as the 1st. Ah well…he got over it. 🙂

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