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Still mulling things over about keeping Burke and Maggie together or separate in Kindergarten next year. (Thanks to everyone who commented!! πŸ™‚ )

There are a few updates. I asked them both what they wanted to do. Maggie’s immediate, no hesitation response was “Separate!” Burke’s was “Together!” then “Separate!” then “Together!” I’m not sure why I’d expect him to know when I don’t have a clue πŸ˜‰

I asked their preschool teacher what she thought. Her immediate response was “Oh, Kindergarten is tough! You want them together. Plus, that’s better for your sanity.”

Whoo boy.

I chatted with Mrs. Teacher for a while about it and told her all of my conflicting thoughts…and ended up conflicting her as well LOL! She actually told me that the kids are getting more independent … and not eating lunch together as I had thought. And that they almost always do their own thing … unless Burke gets up in Maggie’s face to bug her a bit. (No wonder Maggie wants separate πŸ˜› )

I also had the thought that maybe Burke wouldn’t be so up in Maggie and Logan’s faces if he had his OWN time for a while. That may be wishful thinking since he seems to really enjoy wrestling with them…especially when they don’t want to. (ya, I have my happy hat on about THAT one…we’re working on it.)

3 Responses

  1. Such a tough decision! After our experience last year where the teachers couldn’t reliably tell N and B apart, I’m happily separating next year. (Though their teachers this year didn’t have any problem, so who knows…maybe they look less alike as they get older!) However, our school district has all three K classes in one large classroom…they breakout with their own teachers for instruction/circle time, but are all together for recess and snack. So N & B will still get to see quite a bit of one another. So it was an extra easy decision because of that. I’m interested to see how they do when they’re apart!

  2. A really tough one, but the book “Raining emotionally healthy twins” by Joan Friedman has me convinced that at the end of the day, it’s the way to go – separate for sure.

  3. You mentioned lunch/recess in your other post. For what’s it’s worth, at the Boutwell, the kids eat and have recess with just their class. They don’t have a chance to mingle with other classes at all. f that’s a factor in your decision making, then be sure to check with the head teacher.

    Also consider that no decision is completely final. Kids come and go into classrooms throughout the year as people move. Either way you go, if it isn’t working out, I’m sure the school will work with you to make any changes necessary. Give the head teacher a call to see what options are available to changing classrooms if it comes to that.

    I’ve already said we are keeping out girls together and why, but your situation is different. You already know they do fine together. You also have enrolled them in separate activities and know they do well when separated. I’m sure whatever you end up doing will be fine. No matter what happens, the school day is only 5.5 hours that are filled with activities and distractions, so even if you don’t make the optimal decision, the school day really isn’t very long.

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