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Was Grandma Right?

When my Grandmother first taught me how to make a bed, I’m pretty sure I looked at her like she had 3 heads. You see, she had me put the top sheet on up-side-down and inside-out (I know, right??)

Her reasoning behind this was because if you did it right, and folded down the sheet over the comforter, the pattern would be right-side-up and right-side-out.

I’m also pretty sure that the only time I ever made a bed this way was AT Grandma’s house.

My reasoning was probably along the lines of…”if it’s not made, you’ll see the pattern MY way.” Or “if I pull the comforter all the way up, you won’t see the sheet anyway.”

Enter the year 2010 and my need to purchase twin-sized sheets for my kids.

Wouldn’t you know it?? The tag is on what I would consider the “top” and the pretty boarder is on the “bottom”!! The princesses and Cars cars are up-side-down!!!

Now, I’m not sure if I should put these sheets on inside-out since the boarder is on both sides and THAT’S the part I’d flip down over the comforter…

But…was Grandma right??

9 Responses

  1. Yes, she was. But hec, I just use duvets – no sheets.

  2. Um, your grandma is right. That is how I learned to make a bed, when you fold it over the blanket you can see the pattern. It drives my husband crazy but that’s how I do it. Of coruse I don’t really make my bed but that’s lazy old me.

  3. Your grandma was right. The printed side goes down, but I never do it that way. We don’t do turn down service around here and I don’t like the feel of the extra edging where it is sewn anyway. Unless you are opening a bed and breakfast or working in a hotel, do it the way you want.

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  5. I think she was right too. The printed side goes down.

  6. yep. she was right! That’s how my mom & grandmother make their beds too. (I don’t either. LOL)

  7. That’s also how I learned to make a bed. Oddly enough, while I know that’s the “correct” way, I don’t put my top sheet on upside down, either. What, is our whole generation rebelling against upside down top sheets?

  8. hahahahaha! The Thomas Top Sheet Battle! I was brought up with duvets–and that’s what I prefer. Scott INSISTS on having a top sheet (ugh!) and “his way” is your grandma’s way. BUT, since I make the beds (usually) and I dislike the top sheet–I INSIST on having the pattern up (following your logic).

  9. My mom taught me the same way- I always chuckle when I’m making my bed wondering how many other people do it that way:) guess there are quite a few

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