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Makes My Monday: Rays of Sunshine on Rainy Weekends

Despite being stuck inside with 3 cabin-fevered kids (and 2 cabin-fevered adults), and all the bickering that goes along with that…there were quite a few moments of sunshine in our house over the weekend.

We went to the local Japanese Steak House (the kind where they cook right in front of you), and had a GREAT time. The kids ate more than they do when we take them to other restaurants, and Maggie and Logan even mastered chopsticks! (Well, okay – so they’re the “kid” version of chopsticks where they band ’em together with rubber bands and a piece of paper, but I was still quite impressed!!)

Maggie with Her Chopsticks

Logan with His Chopsticks

Burke decided that he was too hungry and wanted to use a fork 😉 Can’t say that I blame him…those chopsticks are tricky!!


We also started to get Burke’s “Style” in place. (It’s only fair. Maggie’s is already there.)

Burke with His New McQueen Comforter

He has new McQueen sheets too, but – obviously – they’re under the comforter. And he just picked out a few things to hang on the walls … more about that later 🙂

But the ray of sunshine here was that he wanted to share this with his siblings 🙂

Maggie, Burke, and Logan

Maggie, Burke, and Logan

Please excuse the fuzziness of Burke…he couldn’t stop bouncing because he was so excited. LOL!

These rays of sunshine (well behaved kids and sharing) that cut through our otherwise-very-rainy weekend TOTALLY Make My Monday.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Head on over to see what else makes people’s Mondays (there are always some really good ones!)

3 Responses

  1. Great pictures.

  2. Nancy, that 3-shot (and to know that Burke was blurred from the bouncy glee) Makes My Monday!

    Can imagine the laughter that went along with that series. Precious. 🙂

  3. how fun! My kids always love going out for Japanese food too and eat like they have been starved for years. LOL

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