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Well That Just Stinks.

We’ve had a bit of a backslide in the ah, potty training department. There has been poo in Burke’s undies for the past two days. And when I ask him about it, he tells me “I just didn’t feel it.” Mmhm. And this is usually after I’ve witnessed some squirming and asked if he needs to use the potty (“Nope!”). And this is usually while he’s doing something he doesn’t want to stop doing (or can’t stop), like watching TV, playing video games, or in the car. Good times.

Luckily, we had the twins’ 5 year appointment today so I asked Dr. Doctor about it. She said it’s actually pretty normal and that perhaps we should go back to a potty “schedule” – every 2 to 3 hours, or a sticker chart. We’ll see.

On a brighter note, the appointment went really well! (Aside from the 2 shots each.) Both Burke and Maggie are still little peanuts (I don’t remember specifics, but both are somewhere between the 10th and the 35th percentile for all things). Maggie IS, however, slowly climbing the charts. Woot! They’re still on their own growth charts though, so there’s no worries.

Maggie’s Stats
Height: 42 inches
Weight: 37 pounds

Burke’s Stats
Height: 41.5 inches
Weight: 35 pounds

They had eye exams and passed with flying colors…oh and that reminds me, they passed the “I’m not color blind” test as well – although, Maggie scared us for a minute. Turns out the test was wrong LOL!

6 Responses

  1. Maggie and my little girl Abby (also 5) are just about the same in their weight and height. šŸ™‚ Glad their appts went well!

  2. P.S. Hope the backslide doesn’t last long. UGH!

  3. Oh I hope you get back on track soon.

  4. Glad the appointments went well.

  5. Oh my, I’m getting worried about N & B…they’re both still having trouble getting above 30 lbs šŸ˜¦ Oh well, they’re currently running around, so I’m going to guess they’re fine.

    About the potty training, what you’re describing can be caused by constipation (it’s called anal leakage…gross, I know). Even if he’s going some, he might still be constipated. I’d give him some prunes/raisins/prune juice for a couple days and see if that clears up the problem! Good luck!

  6. Man, that does stink. The poop in the undies, not the stats from the dr. appointment. I hope that situation improves soon. Things have been going so well with Tiny’s potty training that I don’t even want to think about regression. No fun.

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