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Fx4: a Goofball, a Dragonfly, and a King

Candid Carrie sponsors this one – head over to her blog and find LOTS of links for bloggers who’ve joined in! (You can join in too!)

Today’s Friday’s Foto Finish Fiesta (Fx4) is brought to you by a goofball, a big-a$$ dragonfly (and the super-fast kid who caught it), and a silly king.

I took the following picture with my phone before Marjorie realized what I was doing:

Marjorie: August, 2009

Marjorie: August, 2009

Once she realized, this is what I was able to get:


Burke has been a dragonfly catching fiend. He’s been getting “bored” catching them in his net and has started to grab them with his bare hands. He’s “SuperFast” 🙂

I think his record for number of dragonflies caught in one day is 10.

Burke and his Dragonfly

Burke and his Dragonfly


The biggest dragonfly I've ever seen!

While at Burger King the other day, Logan had a blast with his crown:


4 Responses

  1. Just adorable pictures. I love the photoset of Marjorie.

  2. Cute pics! I’m very impressed with Burke’s dragonfly-catching skills!

  3. Marjorie/Maggie’s eyes are the most amazing, unusual color! (and I love me a BK crown, too… 😉 )

    Happy Weekend, Sweet Nancy!

  4. […] 12. The Zimmer Zoo … Fx4 A Goofball, A Dragonfly and A King […]

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