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Is It Just Me?

I read a lot. Well, let’s clarify that – I read as much as I can…which was a lot more before kids, but I still get a book in here and there now.

I’ve recently realized that I tend to “take on” the mood of where I’ve left off in the book. It’s only for a split second, but it’s there. For example, if I leave the book in a spot where the main character is in a snit, I’ll be snippy … until I realize “Hey! That’s not MY mood!” Seriously, it’s only for a few seconds with the first person I come across, but it happens. (Sorry, Mike!)

I suppose the same thing happens if I leave off when the main character is in a wonderful mood – but I don’t notice that as much, and don’t mind if I keep it 🙂

4 Responses

  1. I totally do that. I really internalize whatever’s going on. I do it with TV, too. That’s why there’s a lot of shows I just can’t watch before bed. I’ll be too wound up!. 🙂

  2. I like when you start posts like this, because usually it’s about something that I can relate to, and have wondered if it’s “just me.”

    I do this too! I find that I can’t even read really emotionally gripping stuff before bed, because I can’t fall asleep. I lay there and fret over what’s happening in the book, as if it’s about me instead of some fictional character. Sometimes my brain even continues the narrative on its own, while I’m falling asleep, and then I jerk awake, thinking that I’m part of the story. I’m always surprised to be at home in my bed.

    I think I might have an overactive imagination.

  3. Oh Oh Oh…
    This just happened to me while I was reading “Loving Frank”…the characters were so selfish; it made me cranky.

  4. Oh I relate! I get so sucked up in books, that I just can not get out of them.

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