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Happy Anniversary!

No…not THAT one. We moved into our house two years ago today! Wow. We so need to put some pictures up on the walls. 😛 Wait – that wasn’t why I was writing! Sheesh.

It’s been a whole two years, and I have to say – I’ve been really happy with our house 🙂

Some improvements we’ve made (and by “we” I mostly mean “Mike” or a guy we hired):

  • put up the front fence
  • upgraded the electricity
  • upgraded the bathroom shower (and tiled the wall)
  • upgraded the kitchen appliances (and added a dishwasher…can you believe there was no dishwasher??)
  • refaced the kitchen cabinets
  • upgraded the furnace (damn thing)
  • got rid of all the crap bordering the back yard
  • planted some trees
  • put some stones under the grills and the fire pit
  • replaced the gazebo in the back yard
  • put a swing set in

And sure, there’s lots more we’d like to do (add a deck, put ceiling fans in the bedrooms, fix the front door so you can actually open it from the outside…), but for the most part we’re very happy. (I know – sick, isn’t it?)

5 Responses

  1. Making a house a home is a heavy process. Sounds like you all have accomplished much!

  2. Good Heavens, you’ve done a lot! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Wow! You have really done a lot!

  4. Happy anniversayr! You’ve done a lot over the last 2 years.

  5. Great job, Nancy and Mike! Home improvement makes us feel great…so glad you’ve had fun doing it.

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