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Removing the XL

As you probably know – either because you know me, or you’ve read previous posts (Bad Haiku Friday, this particular FX4, My Favorite Food: A – Z, 2008: International Year of the Potato…) – I *LOVE* potatoes. Favorite food – hands down. French fries are right up there with my mostest favorite-est.

As you probably also know, I’ve been trying to shed some pounds lately (19 of those nasty little things gone since November, thank you very much!). I’ve been keeping track with that ticker over there on the left-hand side.

So…it should come as no surprise that while I haven’t given up french fries, I have tried to limit my intake. If  we go to a fast food place with the kids, I usually try to order the small sized fries. In theory, this is wonderful; I’m still getting those tasty little suckers, but I’m not ingesting the extra large box o’ fries. In theory.

What I’ve come to notice is that those small sizes are usually paper pockets…teeny tiny paper pockets. Pockets that hold only teeny tiny french fries. French fries that are so crisp, they could pass as potato chips. Apparently, all of the long succulent fries – crisp on the edges, but oh-so-potatoey on the inside – fall out and wait for those larger sized cardboard boxes.

So the question becomes, do I suck it up and try to enjoy the crispy ones, or do I ignore the whole “those aren’t good for you” thing and order a larger size? Torture.

6 Responses

  1. Ooooh, that’s a toughy. I think I would probably switch to the larger size except I’d limit how often I ate them. And only eat out the BEST fries, leave the rest for the birds.

  2. I agree with MommyAmy.

  3. I split the large size fries with the kids, which means only get a few. I I usually end up with less than a 1/3 of the box because the kids love them, too, and that’s the only thing they’ll eat from McDonalds. It’s a special treat for all of us to get a box of fries at the drive thru window. A small stash of cups/bowls kept in the car make for easy sharing.

    Congrats on the 19 lbs. That’s awesome!!

  4. Yikes. Decisions, decisions. If you can handle limiting yourself to making it a treat very rarely, I’d say go with the larger size. It actually feels like a treat rather than a letdown when you put those delicious salt covered, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside bits of heaven into yo mouth!

    Congrats on the weight loss!!

  5. I don’t know, buy a bigger size, but don’t eat them all?

    You are doing so awesome! Keep it up girl!

  6. I say buy a bigger size for the kids and then grab some from then. And order none actually for yourself.

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