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Every Time

Okay, maybe not every time…but it seems like most of the time when we make plans for the family to get together with our friends, one of the kids gets sick and we can’t go. I think I’ve missed out on seeing my Connecticut friends the last 3 or 4 times they’ve all gotten together because of this. I know with 3 kids the odds of one of them being sick at any given time (especially in the winter) is probably astronomical, but sheesh. It’s getting ridiculous!

We’re supposed to go to a BBQ with friends this afternoon, but Maggie is *so* droopy. We did a Costco run and she fell to sleep in the car on the way home. She never does that any more! She’s had a fever off and on for the past few days and her poor nose is still redder than Rudolph’s (and very sore!)

Tomorrow we’re supposed to go see the above mentioned CT friends…I’m seriously hoping that she’s better by then because I really miss them. It’s been a long time since we’ve all gotten together. . . or should I say, since I’ve been able to get together with all of them.

And I had to cancel Maggie’s very first singleton-friend-coming-over-without-a-parent playdate on Friday because of this ick she’s got. She was crushed. (She was pretty pissed about not going to school as well…)

5 Responses

  1. What is with springtime and illnesses? I think you need to plan your CT friend reunions in June when illnesses are past. I think every kid in MA is sick this week. Mine have gross noses/coughs.

  2. I swear, it’s been going around our play group like crazy! I cannot even tell you how many events have been canceled recently due to illness. Ugh! I just hope everyone gets healthy soon because I’m getting bored. lol

  3. It’s an unfortunate thing, but I tried to tell myself that the more they got sick during preschool and the like, the tougher they’d be during actual school. I was right. As their immunities grow stronger, this will pass. Hang in there!

  4. I’m sorry if you missed your friends. The weather here hasn’t been helping going from 77 to 37 every few days. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. I hope she is all better by now.

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