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Potty Training

I’m not quite sure who is training who…but the twins are (finally!!!) showing an interest. Burke, of all people, is the one showing the most interest, and I thought he’d be the one to trail behind. I honestly don’t know if it’s the pennies we’re offering as incentive for each trip to the potty, or the fact that he can flush toilet paper down. (MAN are we going through a lot of water. The boy doesn’t listen to “Wait until you’re FINISHED …. before… flushing…too… late. *sigh*”)

Today started out as any other day. Burke didn’t want to wear his Spiderman pullups – he wanted his Finding Nemo panties (or, as Daddy keeps stating – UNDERWEAR. Perhaps we should have another boys vs. girls chat). Anyway … I warned Brenda (the nanny) about it, and as usual, we asked and asked and asked if he need to use the potty and he says no, no, no…and then pees in his pants. Yep – that happened this morning too. HOWEVER, Brenda came running upstairs around 3:00 to tell me that Burke asked to use the potty and then WENT in it! :O Color me happily surprised. And a big grin on his face too.

A few hours later he gets a look on his face “uh oh!” his shorts and (okay, okay) underwear are a little wet and he says “Potty!!” so we rush to the bathroom and I ask if he has any left. He says he does and sure enough! Out comes some more while he’s sitting there. (we do the sit-and-push-it-down thing right now. We’ll work on standing later!)

Later on, we all went outside to play in the water. (water table, kiddie pool, sprinkler…) I turn my back on them for 2 minutes to help Logan out and boom. Nekkid. BOTH of them. oy. Fine…we have a kiddie potty out there – I ask if they have to go. oh – hm…sure! And they BOTH DID!!! And then proceeded to run around the back yard nekkid as jay birds for the rest of the afternoon.

I was able to convince Maggie that it wouldn’t hurt as much going down the slide if she HAD HER PANTIES on. LOL But as soon as she went back to the kiddie pool, panties were thrown at mommy. “Put these on the chair.” mm hmm. One of these days we’ll work on starting out with “please” …

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