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Fx4: Week in recap

This week had me bribing Maggie to do her speech homework with the promise of doing her nails…she’s so girly 🙂

First you File Them

Then You Paint Them!

My sister and her family came to visit – so I took the day off yesterday and we went to the zoo.

Visiting the Bears: Grey, Sharon, and Petra


Grey Riding the "Elephant"

Burke Riding the "Horse"

Maggie Riding the "Dinosaur"

Everybody on the Elephant!

Saturday Snapshot: The Zoo!

Nope, not home…the local Zoo 🙂

It was such a gorgeous day out, I decided to take the kids to the Zoo while Mike was working. Yep – just me with all 3 kids! I put the Monkey leash on Logan (because I knew he wouldn’t want to stay in his stroller, and there was no way I’d be keeping up with three kids while pushing a(n empty) stroller.)

At the Wolf Exibit

The wolves got really close!

Logan at the Wolf Cave

Maggie at the Wolf Cave

At the Monkey Exibit

"Look at that one!!"

"What's that?!"

"Nice kitty"

"She rolled over!"

Seems a little close to me...

They were *really* good. We even played at the Zoo playground for a while.

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation hosts this one. Go over and have a look at what others are doing on this dreary Saturday.

Baby Picture Sundays

Debi hosts the Baby Picture Sundays. Hop on over there to see who’s playing, and join in too!

Today’s theme is “Here Comes the Sun.” My interpretation of this is: It’s finally sunny and warm out so we’re heading to the zoo! Or…We went to the zoo yesterday and I’m using BPS as a way to show off my pictures 🙂

Maggie and Logan checking the snake out

Maggie and Logan checking out the snake

Burke and Maggie Eek Its a Jaguar

Burke and Maggie: "Eek!! Its a Jaguar!"

Aunt Cathy, Logan, Burke, & Maggie Here kitty kitty kitty

Aunt Cathy, Logan, Burke, & Maggie: "Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty!"

Burke and Maggie I love the zoo

Burke and Maggie: "I love the zoo!"

Burke, Maggie, & Logan This train isn't going anywhere

Burke, Maggie, & Logan: "Why isn't this train going anywhere..?"

Diggin' for Bones

Diggin' for Bones

The zoo also has a play area…I think the kids enjoyed that more than seeing the animals!

There was a cool “spider web”.

p_00145p_00144And a slide that all 3 kids went on … about 30 times each.


Logan went down the slide with Burke’s help…p_00146p_00147…and lots of giggles.

Put Me in the Zoo

Maggie’s been really into one of her books, Put Me in the Zoo.


She usually points to the little girl and calls her Maggie. And the little boy, of course, is Burke.

Lately, she’s been asking for a yellow bow. Do you know how hard it is to find a yellow bow??

Since yesterday was her birthday, I had to at least TRY…but ended up having to improvise.

100_3739She loved it.

Baby Picture Sunday – Animal Kingdom

Debi is doing her Baby Picture Sundays again. I missed last week, but this week, I’m in!

Here is the Zoo at the Zoo (and I don’t mean our house 😉 )

Maggie and Burke

Maggie and Burke

Mommy and Logan

Mommy and Logan