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Lots of Reminders!

Wow…a lot going on here.

First, a reminder to check out the Spoonfuls of Stories giveaway. You have until Sunday night to enter!

Second, same post…are you yearning to be a children’s book author? Go check it out! There’s a $5000 first prize reward and the chance for a book review by Simon & Schuster Children´s Publishing. (Cool, right??)

Third, the Fishful Thinking $10,000 scholarship giveaway is still going on! All you have to do is create a cute little Fishful Thinking story (with guidance) and then fill out the form. Yep, that’s it!

Fourth, I know you can see the Fishful Thinking links over there on the left-hand side, but I’ve also created a Fishful Thinking page. Right now it’s pretty much the same links, but in all my spare time (ha ha), I plan to add to it. And I’ll be keeping it up-to-date all summer with the new activities that come out weekly. The page lives at the top of my blog…see? Up there where it says “Go Fish!”

Have you been doing the Fishful thinking activites? Do you like the articles? Drop me a line and let me know! I’m dying to hear what you think 🙂

Fishful Thinking: Enter to Win a $10,000 Scholarship

Have you been following along with my Fishful Thinking posts? (Something’s Fishy Here, More About Fishful Thinking, Fishful Thinking Video) Have you been trying out some of these wonderful tools with your children? Do you have stories to tell about your adventures? Then enter to win a $10,000 scholarship for your child!

There are 5 areas you can choose from to get your story started: Optimism, Emotional Awareness, Goal Setting/Hope, Resilience, and Empowerment. Sound familiar? They should! I’ve been talking about these Fishful Thinking Ingredients all along! AND, the best part is once you create the story, you can share it with friends and family!

Write your Storybook before 7/31/2009 and get the chance to enter to win the scholarship.

Click here to start: Fishful Thinking Storybook
(You can also see samples of Storybooks there.)

You can enter as many times as you want, but there is a limit of one (1) sweepstakes entry per person/email address per day during the Promotion Period. This doesn’t limit you to the number of Storybooks you create though – there is no limit to those!

Full Disclosure: I’m a Fishful Thinking Ambassador.. .if you click the links, I will receive incentive points. However…I would NEVER sign up for something like this if I didn’t believe in it. And I would participate (and pass the information along) even if I didn’t get the points :)