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I Was Carded!

Yep. *ME* I actually didn’t know what to do…it’s been a *long* time since that has happened. I’ll be 34 next month. Damn. I remember when that sounded ancient. *sigh* (Although, I used to get carded when inquiring about cell phone service…and you only had to be *18* to get that…)

ANYWAY…We were at Costco tonight and I went into the liquor department to grab some swill beer (because Jon is coming over tomorrow and that’s his favorite). When I got to the checkout, she asked for my ID! Uhm…when I hopped out of the car, I just grabbed my membership card and my debit card and shoved them in my back pocket before grabbing three kids to do the usual run. I must have looked pretty surprised. Flagged Mike down (he had the kids and two carts with him at this point) and said “She won’t sell it to me…” Apparently, they’re not supposed to sell even if someone else comes along with an ID either, but she asked if I was with him and I said “yes, and those are my THREE kids!” Good thing they look like me because she believed me. (She even said, “well. they DO look like you…”) Didn’t think we’d be getting Jon’s beer… I was scolded for not having my ID, and told to make sure I had it next time. Okay.

So…here’s my question: do people REALLY bring random kids to the liquor store to try to look older?? (And don’t these people know that when you actually HAVE three kids, you’re always trying to look younger?)

Fx4: Laura, slow me…I had to read “The Wizard” three times before it bounced off the wall and hit me in the back of the head. I then laughed. funny 😉 Giovanna, oh man – what a great story! Too bad you weren’t able to go up, but it sounds like a wise decision! Lori, Trespassing charges! Why didn’t we think of that?! LOL! I think we were just in awe and not really talking much. Heather, I hope Bee likes the post (Hi Bee!) susiehomemade, LOL yep – 200 acres of “back yard” – great place to grow up 🙂

Commenting on Comments: What a Card and Heather – I certainly hope Threeundertwo doesn’t mind…you know the old saying…imitation is the best kind of flattery. 🙂 Angela, thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it – come back any time! 🙂