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“Zimmers Are Strong!”

I was chatting with Maggie’s teacher about how she’s been working with Ms. Speech on her words and pronunciations. Mrs. Teacher told me that she had had a realization about Maggie. She figured out that if Maggie wants something, Mrs. Teacher has to ask her to slow down and then pay close attention (not the typical do-a-million-things-while-half-listening-to-what-your-kids-are-trying-to-tell-you thing…)

Their conversation? Maggie told Mrs. Teacher that Zimmers are strong (and made a muscle) LOL! (I wish I had a picture of that…)

I think Mike works on that with them heh

The thing is, Zimmers ARE strong…willed, anyway 😉 No, no, really…Logan was spinning the Sit-n-Spin around … with both him and Burke on it. Scrappy little bugger. 🙂

(41 seconds)

And the pictures to go along with it…

Logan Spinning Burke

Burke Spinning Logan