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Secret Blog?

A little while ago, one of the bloggers I read revealed that their significant other didn’t know about their blog. This made me pause a little since I know that Mike reads mine (almost) faithfully…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I have to admit that I am sometimes a little careful about what I write because I know some of my audience (like, I try to not write about work AT ALL…), but for the most part – my blog is true to who I am. Do I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a super secret, no-one-in-real-life-knows-me blog? Sure … but what the heck would I write in it? LOL

And I have to admit … when my “worlds” (blog vs. high school friends) collided, my brain definitely skidded. It’s really strange to have an actual voice that you’ve known for years and years that goes along with a blog.

But what I’m wondering is…is this common? Do many of you have secret blogs? Does your significant other know about your blog? Hmm…I suppose if you have a secret blog you could comment anonymously *grin*

(Do you now have Secret Agent Man running through your head, as I do?)