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Is It Just Me?

So…I’ve been sitting at work (yes. AT work) for the week. And I’m 100% reminded about how incredibly lucky I am to a) not have to do that commute every day and b) not have to put up with all the typical office crap. Sure, I miss the conversations and catching up with other real-live adults (and the food that seems to be everywhere! sheesh!)…but mostly – I am SO.SO.SO happy to be able to work from home full time.

Anyway…Am I the only one who gets bugged by fellow cubical-mates carrying on conversations on their speaker phone?? Seriously – how do you not get that this is incredibly rude? I don’t want to hear your (LOUD) conversation all day, every day. There’s a reason headphones were created. And I get that you’ll have conversations in your cube face-to-face… usually these are softer than phone conversations, so that’s no big deal. But entire meetings on your speaker phone? Gah.

<end rant>