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Is It Just Me?

So…I’ve been sitting at work (yes. AT work) for the week. And I’m 100% reminded about how incredibly lucky I am to a) not have to do that commute every day and b) not have to put up with all the typical office crap. Sure, I miss the conversations and catching up with other real-live adults (and the food that seems to be everywhere! sheesh!)…but mostly – I am SO.SO.SO happy to be able to work from home full time.

Anyway…Am I the only one who gets bugged by fellow cubical-mates carrying on conversations on their speaker phone?? Seriously – how do you not get that this is incredibly rude? I don’t want to hear your (LOUD) conversation all day, every day. There’s a reason headphones were created. And I get that you’ll have conversations in your cube face-to-face… usually these are softer than phone conversations, so that’s no big deal. But entire meetings on your speaker phone? Gah.

<end rant>

One Response

  1. No, it’s not just you. I worked for a few years at a job where 5 of us worked at desks in one office (not even with cube walls!) My other four co-workers loved pop music, so I was subjected daily to an extremely horrid pop-music station all day. On the plus side, my brain is now cluttered with the lyrics to all kids of late 90’s, early 2000 pop–want to hear me sing all of Man, I Feel Like a Woman?

    I welcomed the odd speaker-phone meeting so I’d finally get a break from endless Britney Spears and other indignities to which my ears were subjected 🙂

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