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I mentioned the Magic Tree House series the other day. We’re almost through Book 3: Mummies in the Morning…and the kids don’t want me to stop reading. We even took the book outside today 🙂

When I stopped reading for a bit, Burke and Maggie requested to look at the book. While looking at the cover, they realized that Burke’s sunglasses are red…just like Jack’s glasses. And Maggie requested piggy tails…just like Annie.

Reading Mummies in the Morning

And then they realized they have a “tree house” … So Maggie went up and is pretending to be Annie.

"Annie" in the Magic Tree House

Burke, pretending to be Jack, yelled “I want to see a swing set!” and ran over to play on the swings. LOL!

Neat side-note…if you go to magictreehouse.com there’s a passport you can download. And when you answer questions about the books you read, you earn a stamp (also to download) for the passport! How cool is that?! 🙂