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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been a great holiday here! It actually started about 2 weeks ago when Mike and the kids brought home a big package…and the kids just couldn’t keep a secret 🙂 Mike put together a new double-swing for me!

And then my Mom sent gorgeous potted yellow roses and the kids (with Daddy’s help) got beautiful potted red roses…I believe we’ll enjoy both in the house for a little while and then find a spot in the yard to plant them.

Burke and Maggie made cute tea cup magnets at school…they couldn’t wait to give me those either. 🙂

Add a whole bunch of cards and dinner out at the Japanese Steak House and you’ve got one great day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

Debi hosts the Baby Picture Sundays. Hop on over there to see who’s playing, and join in too! This week’s theme is Mother and Child(ren) – fitting, huh? 😉

Baby Picture Sundays – Mother’s Day

Debi hosts the Baby Picture Sundays. Hop on over there to see who’s playing, and join in too!

Today’s theme is Mother’s Day.

For Mother’s Day I got a lot of cards from the kids…Mike helped the kids pick some out, my nanny helped the kids make some, and the twins even made some at school!


Mother's Day Cards

I received a hammock a week early because Mike knew I’d be on vacation the week before Mother’s Day. I LOVE it. Unfortunately, the kids do too 😉

My Mother's Day Present

My Mother's Day Present

Or is it for the kids??

...Or is it for the kids??

It folds up for easy storage and to keep it dry (if I remember to bring it out of the rain…oops!) and it attaches to the frame with two chains on both ends, so it doesn’t flip! Perfect for if you have little kids (or if, like me, you’ve flipped out of a regular hammock too many times to count…)

My other Mother’s Day present is huge. HUGE I say! You’ve gotten a glimpse of it in my last Fx4 post. More to come!