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More Logan Updates

(I was going to write “More on Logan” … but say that fast and that’s SO wrong! LOL!)

Anyway…Today was Logan’s follow-up appointment with the Endocrinologist. (His first one was in March, followed by a phone call a few weeks later.) Unfortunately, we couldn’t get an appointment with the original doctor, so this is Dr. EndoTwo. Which may be why (drum roll, please) she wants to see him again in 4 or 5 months.

Here’s what today’s appointment looked like: We drive all the way to Children’s Hospital (at least it’s not the one in downtown Boston!); we wait in the waiting room for a few minutes; we go with the nurse so Logan can get weighed (just over 28 pounds!), measured (I forget!), and his blood pressure taken; we go back to the waiting room for a few minutes (where I shamelessly twin-stalk the double strollers); we get called back into the office; Logan gets his “wing-span” measured, his legs measures, and she checks out various areas (I’m assuming having to do with his thyroid, but I have no idea); and Dr. EndoTwo says, “Well. He’s doing okay. And he looks fine. But he’s just not gaining like he’s supposed to.” Apparently, he’s supposed to be gaining 8 oz (I really don’t remember the units), and is only gaining 5.5. Oh wait – perhaps that was height. I’m so bad…as soon as she says “He’s okay.” I tune things out *blush*

I suppose that’s my way of dealing with it all … I don’t dwell on the details. Unfortunately, this means that I’m not giving enough details to Mike…who is a details guy! (Sorry, honey!)

On the bright side, they didn’t have to take any blood today 🙂  And Logan was SOOOO good. (Dr. EndoTwo even said that it was the best way to end her day. 🙂 )

Another Logan Update

Logan had his Endocrinologist appointment this morning. (EARLY! 8 am!!) Dr. Endo went over Logan’s previous lab results and growth chart with me so I actually have numbers and meanings! (Except, I’m not really sure what all those numbers actually mean 😉 )

His IGF-1 number (the growth hormone) is 45. Ideally, it should be between 51 and 303.

His IGF-BP3 number is 2.8. This one’s fine as it should be between 0.8 and 3.9.

His ESR is 26…which is “medium high” since it should be between 0 and 15. This number elevates if you’re sick though (and Logan had just gotten over pink eye and a cold).

SO….more blood drawn (and more donuts promised) to recheck those numbers. We’ll get those results and have a follow-up in 4 months.

Dr.  Endo isn’t actually too worried. He figures that the appointment in 4 months will be the last one and then Dr. Pedi will just need to keep track of Logan’s growth charts.

We’ll see!