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Another Logan Update

Logan had his Endocrinologist appointment this morning. (EARLY! 8 am!!) Dr. Endo went over Logan’s previous lab results and growth chart with me so I actually have numbers and meanings! (Except, I’m not really sure what all those numbers actually mean 😉 )

His IGF-1 number (the growth hormone) is 45. Ideally, it should be between 51 and 303.

His IGF-BP3 number is 2.8. This one’s fine as it should be between 0.8 and 3.9.

His ESR is 26…which is “medium high” since it should be between 0 and 15. This number elevates if you’re sick though (and Logan had just gotten over pink eye and a cold).

SO….more blood drawn (and more donuts promised) to recheck those numbers. We’ll get those results and have a follow-up in 4 months.

Dr.  Endo isn’t actually too worried. He figures that the appointment in 4 months will be the last one and then Dr. Pedi will just need to keep track of Logan’s growth charts.

We’ll see!

4 Responses

  1. Good luck. keep us updated! It’s always nice when a specialist isn’t too worried!

  2. Great news! You might want to remember that you were a peanut once upon a time. Love you.

  3. At least the tests results give some guidance which is good. The tougher item might be if they give you a choice re: hormones. Check out Stephanie Wilder Taylor’s blog (Baby on Bored – I link to it) – her daughter may end up very small and the endocrinologist has mentioned hormones. It can be a touch decision. Good luck – thinking of you all.

  4. That sounds good! I’m glad they think everything is okay!

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