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What’cha Watchin’?

We had 5 kids here for the past week (obviously, 3 of my own and then Mike’s sister’s 2 kids) with the ages ranging from 2.5 to 11. To create the illusion of downtime, we’d put the TV on at the end of the day (not all that uncommon in our house on a normal day).

The first few nights, Imagination Movers was the go-to show since my 3 like it and the 7 year old does as well. (Jaine didn’t really care what was on as she was reading or texting…) I think Logan was able to sneak in a Mickey Mouse Club House at one point (his favorite), and there was a Backyardigans (or two) as well.

Since the 2 cousins come from a different time zone, they had the TV to themselves for a few hours after my kids went to bed. The topic of TV shows was obviously discussed while surfing – including shows that are off-limits.

So now I’m curious…what are your kids watching? And are there any shows that are considered “age appropriate” but that you don’t allow? What are the reasons behind the decision?