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Entertaining Food

We took the kids to the local Japanese steak house for dinner last night. I was a little worried about burnt fingers since they cook the food right in front of you – but it was all good.

The chef was very entertaining. And while Maggie did hold her hands over her ears while he was banging throwing the knives around, all of the kids definitely enjoyed themselves. They were transfixed the entire time he was cooking. He made lots of fire (a little scary, but cool), and a volcano, and other fun stuff. I think they were most impressed when he flipped the egg shell into his chef’s hat though 🙂 We all clapped when he finished.

Logan went to TOWN on the food. Especially the rice. The little guy couldn’t shovel it into his mouth fast enough LOL. Burke (a.k.a. Mr. Picky) tried things, and even ate more than one spoonful of rice…but didn’t love the chicken or the steak. Maggie was a pro with the chop sticks! (I think I could have been if they’d used a rubber band on mine too though 😉 )

And of course, all three kids loved the “fried” ice cream. (Fried? Really?? Seems to me that it’s just vanilla ice cream rolled in some cornflakes. We can do that at home!)

All in all – a good trip. Maybe I’ll take a tip from a friend and we’ll hit the Fondue place next time!