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Children’s Shows – What the Heck??

I watch a lot of TV with my kids. I like TV, they like TV…what can I say. We DO limit it, but they still probably get more than they should.

THAT said, I have so many questions about these shows!! I’m sure some have been discussed before, but the following is what goes through my head while watching these shows.

Disclaimer: There is a lot of “What the…?” in this post. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t ENJOY most of these shows with my kids. With the exception of just two – I actually like all of the shows I’ve mentioned. I’ll let you take a guess at which two.

Max and Ruby
Where the heck are their parents? Grandma drops by now and again, but even SHE isn’t asking where the parents are.

Handy Manny
OMG, how incompetent are his tools?? Why does he keep them around? Are they the only talking tools he can find?  (And I giggle a little each time I remember that it’s Fez from That 70’s Show doing Manny’s voice. 🙂 )

What the heck is Uniqua anyway? Seriously – we have a moose, a penguin, a hippo, and a kangaroo…and then some alien thing? Why not a … bear, or *anything* identifiable.

Also, I read somewhere that they have *3* different actors for each character. One who does the speaking, one who does the singing, and one who dances so they can model after him/her. REALLY?? In all of … wherever they are … they couldn’t find actors who could sing AND speak? Perhaps I could see not being able to dance, but…really?


Mickey Mouse Club House
Okay, so it’s not just the club house version, it’s been for as long as Mickey Mouse has been around, but what’s up with Pluto not talking? All the other characters are animals too and THEY can talk.

Tigger and Pooh
Darby?? What, Christoper Robin wasn’t smart enough to form the Super Sleuths?

Holy whine. I really just want to smack that kid.

Dragon Tales
There seems to be a lot of time passing and parents don’t wonder or check on their kids. I suppose I could go with the “hours have passed in Dragon Land but only a few minutes at home” theory…but as a Mom, I know that if it were dead quiet in the playroom, I’d be going in to check on things!

Also, if you had a special Dragon Land, why would you ever come back?? 😉

Animation in General (no, it’s not a show)
Is there some unwritten rule somewhere that mandates only 4 fingers? It’s a little freaky.