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Is it Decadent to Own Two Grills?

You may recognize our grill from various posts I’ve put up about grilling (The Succulent Death post comes to mind…)

Grill with Side Smoker

Grill with Side Smoker

I bought this grill for Mike before the kids were born…so it’s over 5 years old. It’s done VERY well for us (I’m sure having a grill master helps 😉 )

Last week, Mike stopped off at Home Depot to pick up some supplies to put shelves onto my newly aquired hutch for my desk. (Thanks honey!!) When he pulled into the parking lot, he saw that they were holding a contest: make 5 out of 5 baskets, and they’ll give you a $20 gift card. His first thought (according to him): “I’m just going to shank these, should I even bother embarrassing myself??” And second thought (according to him): “Oh why the hell not.

Lo and behold, he shanked the first two shots. But he made the third shot…to which the attendent said, “Here’s your raffle ticket. You won the grill!!” LOL Mike didn’t even know that the grill was one of the prizes. 🙂 Apparently, you got a raffle ticket if you made 1 shot, but you had to make all 5 to get the $20. The attendent already knew that whoever made the next shot would get the raffle ticket to match the one on the grill. Too funny.

This weekend, Mike finally got the chance to put the grill together (and my shelves up!)

Harps playing, angels singing

Harps playing, angels singing

(Notice the poor old grill in the background. I hope he takes it okay…I know, I know, get over that whole feeling sorry for inanimate objects thing, Nance.)

The plan, right now, is to use both of them! One is charcoal and one is gas…so they could get along just fine, right?

Happy Griller

Happy Griller

The only problem is that the new one has already taken the old one’s place…I suppose I should go out and talk with it…let it know that the plan is to get more stones so that it has a place to stand as well.