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4-Year-Old Check Up

The twins had their 4-year-old doctor’s appointment today.

They are still little, but they’re getting bigger!

Burke’s Stats
39 inches tall (up 3 from last year)
30 pounds (up 3 from last year)

Both of these are well below average, but Dr. Doctor noticed that he never stops moving and concluded that he just burns off a ton each day.

She was impressed with how fast he counts to 10, his ability to write his name (in lower case even – I bragged a bit *grin*), and his coloring skills.

Maggie’s Stats
40 inches tall (Also up 3 from last year)
32 pounds (Also up 3 from last year)

She’s average height but only 25% for weight. Again, Dr. Doctor isn’t too worried.

I had mentioned that we’re working on Maggie’s counting ability (turns out that it’s not just that she’s not talking to her teachers…), so Dr. Doctor tried counting with her. Maggie did just fine, but definitely had some help. (Part of the problem appears to be that Burke jumps right in and counts FOR her…not letting Maggie get a word in edge-wise…as demonstrated today.)

I also asked about Maggie waking up in the middle of the night complaining that her leg hurt. We always just assumed that she was sleeping on it wrong and it was falling to sleep on her…Duh, Mommy…did ya think perhaps, just maybe, it might be growing pains?? *sigh* nope. Poor kid could have benefited from Tylenol a few times there. Ooops! Well, now we know!

Logan’s 18 month check up is next week…wonder if he’s still in the 5th percentile…