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Maggie Update

Maggie and I spent 2 hours at the pediatrician yesterday.

I called the nurse yesterday morning and chatted with her for a good 10 minutes about everything going on with Maggie. (The on-again-off-again fever since Wednesday, the cough, the vomiting…) She told us to come on in…our normal pedi was the emergency doc for the day, so we’d be seeing Dr. Pedi. Perfect.

We got there and only had to wait for a few minutes before being called into the exam room. The nurse did her thing and then we only had to wait a few minutes more for Dr. Pedi to come in. She chatted with me for a bit, checked Maggie over, and did a strep test. Told us to wait until the results for that came in. HERE’S where time was spent just trying to entertain a droopy Maggie. (She wasn’t that bad, actually.) Dr. Pedi came back and said, “No Strep…and I didn’t want to mention this before, but she’s got a *lot* of wax in her ears so I couldn’t get a good look at them…we’ll have to go in.” And OMG.SO.GROSS. How does one little ear gather that much wax?? It seriously looked like she pulled out a roly poly bug. Poor Maggie *screamed* the entire time. And Dr. Pedi could only get the wax out of one ear; Maggie was crying/screaming too much to get the big ball out of the other one. Dr. Pedi said that it was because it was hard and kind of like a scab. *barf*

ANYWAY…after all that, she sent us up to the lab to get X-Rays on Maggie’s chest thinking she might have pneumonia. Oh goodie. That was another HUGE chuck of time was dropped. Maggie alternated between whimpering and playing tic-tac-toe with me. The X-Ray tech was completely awesome, and did his thing quickly.

Back down to Dr. Pedi to read the X-Rays. No pneumonia. But…. “There’s a fuzzy spot on one lung that might be bronchitis.”

So, Maggie is now on the same meds I was on two weeks ago…only hers is liquid and tastes a hell of a lot better!

Happy Thursday

Okay. It’s time I jumped on the Happy Thursday bandwagon. Goddess has a whole (very touching) story behind the HT idea, so head on over there and check it out. And join on in!

So…why am I happy this lovely Thursday? Because Logan does not have Pneumonia. And he’s only borderline for the bronchitis. And because I didn’t wait to bring him in to the doctor like I had contemplated doing…

This morning went like this:

Mommy hears Logan coughing (still) through the monitor and decides that she’s going to call the doctor to make an appointment. Symptoms: Cough sounds different since yesterday; nice rash on left side of Logan’s face; runny, runny not-so-clear runny nose; sounds like Logan’s holding his breath and then taking labored breaths.

The nurse says, “Come on in!”

I should state here that our pediatrician’s office is about 45 minutes to an hour away. We love her (she has twins and a 3rd child – the 3rd is older than the twins though), so we don’t see any real need to change. I figure if there’s an emergency, we’ll be heading to the hospital anyway (and have), so it doesn’t REALLY make a difference…and it means that I get some alone time with the sick kid.

Okay…back to this wonderful Thursday…The appointment is at 9:40, so we leave at 8:30 to be there in plenty of time. The doctor listens to Logan’s lungs (a lot), checks his oxygen levels (a wee bit low), and decides to give him a nebulizer treatment right there in the office. Huh. okay – never done this before, but I should be able to handle it. They bring the machine and a mask in and tell me it’s okay if Logan cries for the 5 minutes it runs…in fact, it’s almost better if he does. Mmm hmm. Ya…mommy doesn’t like putting THAT much stress on him – especially when he’s sick, so when he showed signs of not liking the cool mask after about 30 seconds, I grabbed a pen and paper out of my purse and we went at it.

5 minutes later the doctor comes back, listens to his lungs and checks his oxygen levels again (both are better) and promptly orders an X-ray. Oh goodie! We head upstairs to the labs and hang out for a while. Mommy of the year over here had dressed Logan in a one-piece outfit, so I had him in his diaper and his coat – cuz they told me not to bother dressing him yet. So we’re running around – making all the old ladies laugh (and some of the doctors and nurses – but not all).

Finally it’s his turn to go into the room and mommy gets to hold him so he doesn’t move. More fun! He was a trooper though, and we didn’t have to re-do any of the x-rays.

Back down to the doctors office so she can read the x-rays and check the lungs again. LOTS of gunk in his lungs, but no real spots of pneumonia. She called it bronchitis, but said that it wasn’t really – just borderline. She wants him on antibiotics and also prescribed a nebulizer…that I have to give to him every 3 hours. Even over night. No sleep for me tonight! Eesh.

We finally left the doctor’s office at 11:20.

BUT I have to bring him back in to see her tomorrow morning. Poor little guy 😦