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I’m a Snob

Yup – you read that right. I AM a snob. More specifically…I’m a brand name snob.

Clothes? Ya right…the only “brand” I go for there is “Red Sox”  LOL. Other than that – if it fits, I’ll wear it.

Shoes? Mmm…nope. If they’re comfy and cheap – I’m all over that.

So…what am I a brand name snob about? FOOD. I’ll pass over all those store-named (generic) brands in favor of my favorites. Every time. I’ve felt my hand linger over a generic food before, but inevitably, it’s always passed over for MY brand. Jif peanut butter, Smuckers Red Raspberry Jelly (with seeds), Cheerios, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Lipton iced tea…

It took me forever to gather up enough courage to try out the Costco brand things. (Kirkland is their brand name…not sure why it’s not just “Costco” … but perhaps that’s for a different post 😉 ) And the first brand name thing I tried was non-food (baby wipes, to be exact….love them!) And honestly, the only Kirkland brand thing I’ve tried and haven’t been impressed with is their pizza. I suppose part of the reason their brand is so good is because they partner up with actual brand names…sometimes you know, sometimes you don’t. For example, I know that the Kirkland brand coffee is actually Starbucks. But I only THINK the Kirkland brand chicken is Perdue.

Is the generic brand really all that different than my brand? I’m sure in some cases yes, and in some cases no…but am I willing to figure it out? With the exception of Costco…nope.

Anyone know of other generic brand names that might be worth the switch?