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Random Updates: Dancing, Grapes, Birds, and Fish

I have all these pictures and updates that relate to nothing but themselves, so I figured I’d just do one big post about them all. 🙂

Remember last week? Marjorie wanted a skirt for dance class? Well, mom that I am…I couldn’t say “no”


(Yes, she has crocks on…we’re still in the car here 🙂 )

Remember the grapes we found in our back yard? They’re now ripe!



And Jessica – my nanny – peeled and seeded them and then had Marjorie help her bake a grape pie! Holy cow. It’s delicious!!


(I also learned something…if your fruit pie looks like it will be runny, just add an egg and it will firm right up while cooking. Who knew??)

And a little story. Marjorie had a few blueberries in her hand and told Daddy that she wanted to make a blueberry pie. He kept telling her that we didn’t have enough blueberries for a pie, so she became thoughtful … apparently she remembered the bucket full of grapes we had picked earlier in the day and said, “Grape pie!” We’d never heard of grape pie before…

Remember Marjorie’s birdhouse? I finally got around to taking a picture of it hanging up.


Remember Fishful Thinking? Logan can’t wait to learn more fun activities either. 🙂

Logan Borrowed Mommy's Fishful Thinking Hat

Logan Borrowed Mommy's Fishful Thinking Hat

Fx4: For the Birds

Candid Carrie sponsors this one – head over to her blog and find LOTS of links for bloggers who’ve joined in! (You can join in too!)

Last week, Marjorie got it into her head that she wanted to build a birdhouse. So we headed to A.C. Moore and found a nice (easy) kit for her and Daddy to put together.

Painting, of course, was a necessity.