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Monster Spray

A very clever mom taught me about Monster Spray. (She’s also a good friend, a former co-worker, and an essential oil guru – don’t worry, Paula, I won’t mention any names πŸ˜‰ )Β  She said that kids like to be in control – especially when they don’t feel like they have it – and one major time is when there are “monsters” around at night. Her solution? Monster spray! Let your child spray it herself and life will be good. (I’ll give Paula a little plug here…she wrote a book on essential oils: Seasons of Aromatherapy. Well. she’s written a few, but I know the monster spray is in this one.) Okay – back to my point. At one time, I made the monster spray from her book (before I had kids LOL), but we’re just using Febreeze now (Sorry Paula!)

It all started one night a few months ago when Maggie woke up crying and talking about how she was scared of the Cookie Monster. (Yes. The *cookie monster* – of all things!!) We got some “monster spray” out and that seemed to help a little. We doused one corner especially (I think she saw the laundry hamper and decided IT was the monster.)

We now spray before bed every night – everyone has to have at least one squirt if they’re in the room, including mommy and daddy. Figuring out how to make it so that beds, blankets, Dad, kids, etc. don’t get soaked is for another day…

On the subject of bad dreams, one other thing we do for Maggie is to make a big deal about how we must have put her pillow down on the wrong side… And then make a bigger deal (making sure she’s watching) out of turning it over to the “good dream” side. So far, this seems to help too. (I’ll thank my Mom for that idea – I remember her doing it for me πŸ™‚ )

Any other bad dream breakers out there?

Logan has FOMS

As luck would have it, pretty much everyone in the O’Daniel family (my maiden name) has FOMS. What’s FOMS? Fear Of Missing Something. And now Logan has it as well. He can’t STAND to be in a room other than the one the twins are in… even if it’s one of those not-really-a-door-in-between type rooms (like a family/dining area).

I admit it. I have major FOMS. When the twins were born and I was “banished” to the bedroom to tandem nurse them while family was here (it was the only place I was comfortable doing it when I first started out), I was deathly afraid that they’d all be talking about something really cool while I was gone. Same thing when Logan was born. I’d have to take time out to put him to bed (or nurse him away from people so he’d actually nurse). Heaven forbid my family have fun WITHOUT ME!!

I remember when Meghan was younger (she’s now 16) and Sharon and I were still living at home…Meg would REFUSE to go to bed. Yup. FOMS. It was the magical “evening hours” – the fun MUST start once she’s out of the room and up the stairs…right? (I’m pretty sure that was my thinking when I was younger as well…)

In reality, we come by it honestly. We all inherited it from my Dad πŸ™‚ There have been times when Sharon, Cathy, and I get together and Dad knows this…and has to call heheh it’s kinda cute. πŸ™‚ Yes Dad. You have FOMS. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! And I’m sure it goes back a lot further than Dad.

Baby Crack, Thy Name is Cheerios

What is it about Cheerios that make *all* babies go crazy? Bring out that big yellow box and the happy feet start swinging, happy noises start gurgling, and the hands get poised – ready to capture that first one that hits the tray. (It’s actually really cute πŸ™‚ )

Maybe I should change the title of this because the twins still like dry cheerios. Hell, I’ll put some in a cup and “drink” dry cheerios now and again as well. Oh! And I know my older brother does the same thing – in the car on the way to work. And now that I think about it – I had a rabbit that would literally attack me when he saw that yellow box. So I guess it’s not just babies.

Who the heck invented Cheerios anyway? He must be one rich dude by now. Excuse me while I go look this up…………thanks for waiting. Now I know that you’re curious too πŸ™‚

The Cheerios guy, Lester Borchardt, died at age 99 in 2007. And this website states that Cheerios (originally named CheeriOats) almost didn’t happen! wow. That would have been tragic.

Unintentionally Rewarding Bad Behavior??

One of the only things that will calm Burke down when he gets…let’s say, upset…is turning the TV on. When he’s going on something like a “Maggie took all the good toys and I’m not going to stop crying for 3 hours” type cry, I am all for the calming effects of the TV. Right now, Curious George is our friend. However, when he’s upset because “I did something to upset mommy, she punished me, and now I’m upset” I have a hard time using the TV to calm him down…even though that’s usually what ends up happening. *sigh* Am I rewarding his bad behavior??

Take this morning for example, it all started with Burke coloring on non-paper items (with markers) so I took the markers away. Continued with coloring on non-paper items (with crayons) so I took the crayons away. Screeching ensued. After trying to talk with him and let him know that the screeching hurt my ears (etc. etc. etc.), he kept screeching so I took him upstairs (the normal progression). I left him alone to “think about things.” He threw books at the door. I went in and told him if he did it again he’d get a spanking. Did it again. Got a spanking. Did it AGAIN. Got another spanking. (I can’t not follow through on a threat!) So…now he’s calmed down a bit and we go back downstairs. Logan is “playing” with the Legos (which Burke thinks are HIS), and I can see a meltdown starting to happen, so the TV is used as a diversion (I have to put Logan down for a nap anyway and the TV serves as a mindless distraction so I know the twins won’t get into too much trouble while I’m out of sight)…but then I think “damn. Am I rewarding the bad behavior from before???” I can only hope that he doesn’t associate the two…