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What’s Your Sign?

Last night I attended a “Psychic Party” – a twin mommy friend hosted it and brought in a psychic she’s been seeing for over 18 years. Each person attending received a 15-20 minute individual reading while the rest of the ladies sat around chatting and drinking wine. I’d never had a reading done before (even though I’ve always been curious), so I was super nervous and went in with no expectations. I had also set my mind to view it as entertainment and a fun night out.

Our host mentioned that Ms. Psychic doesn’t tell fortunes, but that she’ll be able to validate things you’ve already been thinking in your head; you probably already know most of the stuff she’ll tell you. Our host also told us that the only thing Ms. Psychic knows about us is that we all have twins.

The way Ms. Psychic works is that she asks your birthday (astrology) and uses tarot cards. I picked my cards and told my birthday and away we went. Most of what she said about my sign I’ve always known … I’m a typical Libra where I like balance in my life. No surprises there.

The rest of this is all jumbled up and I’m sure I can’t remember all of it. I did have a pen and paper, but it was really hard to concentrate on what she was saying and remember to use my pen at the same time.

So…in no particular order:

  • The first cards I picked indicate that I am BIG TIME into family. Family is super, super important to me. And one of the cards meant that I am mated for life and I waited for the right guy to come along (so Mike, you’re stuck with me *grin* ).
  • I will always work because it balances me.
  • My astrology “showed” her that I should be a doctor or a physical therapist; I need to have an occupation where I help people. And that I’ll probably have more schooling in the future …but not for another 5 to 7 years. Learning is important to me.
  • She asked if I worked outside of the home (yes and no; I work full-time, but from home). She said that there’s some opportunity coming up for something outside of the home (could be a volunteer thing, but she thought it might be work related) and that I SHOULD NOT take it because I already do too much and this would upset the fragile balance I have going on right now.
  • She asked about Mike’s work (he’s a scientist) and said that she saw something about his work – definitely work – and something about a foreign country. And not a country with a language she recognized either. This might be travel of some sort…and it will give him the recognition he deserves. It will also prove to be a stabilizing thing.
  • Mike and I work really well together, but I’m the primary caregiver. This doesn’t mean that he’s not FULLY involved…just that I’m primary. (She didn’t go into that any farther).
  • She asked if I had more than just the twins (yes, Logan). She paused and said, “You’re not thinking of having more, right?” (HELL no.) To which she said, “Good. Three is more than enough for you.”
  • She asked for the first name and age of each kid. Maggie LOVES school. She needs more attention though (not wants, NEEDS). And it’s not that she’s not capable, she just needs one-on-one attention. And not from me because she’d drive me crazy. She’ll have an easier time next year based on her teacher. Maggie is also VERY cautious when choosing her friends. She doesn’t make friends lightly and isn’t friends with everyone. This means that she’ll never just run off.
  • Burke does not give off the same vibration (school-wise) as Maggie. He’s much more cautious and keeps to himself and gets things done. He takes his time to get things right.
  • Logan. She said that she’s sees a cherub or something with him…that he either has a super cute haircut or a halo round him or something. And then said, “Thank God for him!” He fits right in with the rest and goes with the flow. He listens even when the other two are blowing me off.
  • Even if they don’t necessarily do it right now, all three kids will always work together as a team.

So…some of this is spot on (OMG, the stuff about Maggie and school!!! We’re working on it…but that’s for another post), and some of it … who knows. I suppose we’ll see. She made me tear up when she was talking about Logan…

It was cool talking with the other moms who were read as well – Ms. Psychic seemed to hit on a lot of things for each of them. (well, all but one…but she admitted that she was pretty closed up.)

It was such a neat experience. It felt like it went by SOOOO quickly, but she packed in a lot of stuff within those 20 minutes. I’d love to do it again some time 🙂

2 Responses

  1. I really wanted to go to this party but never got my act together to respond to Deb. I’ve always wanted a reading. So I’m up for next time!

    P.S. You didn’t think I wasn’t reading just because I haven’t been commenting? The Muse has left me lately…

  2. Sounds kinda fun!

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