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I’m Losing My Mind

No. Really.

While traveling back from Vermont yesterday, Mike started talking about our trip to Colorado that we’ll be taking at the end of the summer. Apparently we’ve been talking about this trip for quite some time and Mike wanted to chat a bit more. I must have looked at him like he had three heads because I had NO memory of these discussions!! None. I wasn’t aware that we were planning to go … good thing I like Colorado (and the people there!!) and I’m actually excited about going! 🙂

Once we started talking about things we wanted to do with the kids, there was a nagging sensation that we had chatted about possibly taking them to the Grand Canyon…and then decided that we didn’t want one of ’em to fall in, so we’ll wait until they’re older for that (LOL!) …but that is seriously the ONLY memory I have of the entire thing. *sigh*

Now that I have it in writing…hopefully it’s sunk in 😉

4 Responses

  1. Now I don’t feel as bad that you never got back to me months ago about getting together, I’ll just chalk it up to this memory lapsing you’re having. 😉

  2. Hmmm, this site never let me post anonymously before. In case you’re wondering how that was posting it was me, Jon

  3. ‘who’ not ‘how’ that was….Grrrrr

  4. Oh Nancy, you make me feel SO much better! I often have those same, “Wait a minute, we talked about this before?” moments.

    Feel like I should bookmark this one to make me remember I am not alone!

    (I held our twins’ hands SOOOO tightly at the Grand Canyon, I am confident they STILL remember my grip!)

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