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Giveaway: Loaded Mashed Potatoes Prize Pack

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed.

Seriously – I get to give away mashed potatoes. How cool is that?! Betty Crocker – through MyBlogSpark – sent me a cool package that included instant mashed potatoes. But not just any ol’ mashed potatoes. Flavored mashed potatoes. Fully Loaded mashed potatoes! There’s also a measuring cup, a mixing bowl, a cool red scraper, and a potholder with a magnet in it.

The potatoes themselves were okay. I mean, they tasted pretty good, but I got out of the habit of cooking instant mashed potatoes, so the consistency threw me for a loop. They were incredibly easy to make…and Mike and I actually used the potatoes as a base for some other stuff we were cooking though, so it worked out really well.

As there’s always an official blurb provided, here it is:

With a taste that is just like homemade, new Betty Crocker “Loaded Mashed” potatoes are made with 100% real russet potatoes, and a blend of real seasonings and natural flavors like bacon, cheese, chives, and sour cream.

Add Betty Crocker flavored mashed potatoes to your favorite recipe for an ideal addition to any dinner-time dish. With nine tasty varieties to choose from, like Four Cheese and Sweet Potato, and a great value price, Betty Crocker flavored mashed potatoes are the perfect go-to side dish for your favorite meals.

For more information, visit BettyCrocker.com, and be sure to follow Betty Crocker on Twitter and “Like” the Facebook page to keep up with all of the latest news on your Betty Crocker favorites!

To Enter to Win the Prize Pack:

There are multiple ways to enter. Only one of the ways to enter is mandatory, all of the others are optional – you do not have to do all of them to be entered!

You have until Midnight on Wednesday, May 25th to enter. The winner will be posted on Thursday the 26th.

Mandatory – 1 entry:

  • What foods would you try with the Loaded Mashed Potatoes?

Optional – 1 entry each:

  • What other flavors of Betty Crocker Mashed potatoes would you try?
  • Tweet about this post and leave a comment with a direct link to it.

Optional – 2 entries:

  • Blog about this post and leave a comment with a direct link to your post.

There’s also a coupon for the Loaded Mashed Potatoes! http://bit.ly/bcloadedcoupon

9 Responses

  1. it’d be great with some corn or chicken!

  2. I’d love to try butter and herb

  3. I’d probably do steak and green beans with the potatoes. Or chicken and summer squash.

  4. my comment didn’t show? Sorry if this is a duplicate. Tweeted:

  5. would be great with my husband’s yummy mango chicken!

  6. would be delicious with meatloaf or chicken 😉

  7. yummmy definitely would put these mashed potatoes with meatloaf and a veggie! or with BBQ chicken from the grill!

  8. hmmm not to excited about the other flavors (too bland) but love their sister – BC scalloped potatoes!

  9. Steak, Greek salad, and loaded mashed potatoes — YUMOLA!!

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