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I could easily do a post about what makes my Monday today. It’s all over the news that Bin Laden was shot and killed last night. And a part of me really wants to do a happy dance about that. He’s been the most hated man in the US since 9/11.

However, I’m saddened. I can understand wanting to celebrate (see above); but the images on the news are frighteningly similar to those you see when there are gatherings overseas celebrating the fall of someone over here. The images we condone. The images that make the US people angry at those overseas.

What must they be thinking of us right now? I’m sure they’re seeing the same images – people in the streets celebrating that one of their leaders has been killed. How is it okay for the US to behave like this when it’s certainly not okay for others to do so? I seriously hope the US is prepared for the retaliation that will certainly be attempted.

So while I’m breathing a bit easier that he’s no longer a threat, I’m not going to be out celebrating in the streets.

I suppose Clarence Darrow sums it up quite nicely:
I’ve never wished a man dead, but I’ve read some obituaries with great pleasure.

5 Responses

  1. Well stated Nancy. I too am concerned over the utter joy shown on the television. Not that I have any qualms over killing the enemy. He and many others deserve death. I am very uncomfortable that Americans seem elated, Almost like a third world uneducated society. Pop Pop

  2. Thank you for saying what appears so apparent to me — that old double standard: if “they” do something we are highly critical; if we do the same thing it is all right. Yes, I am glad that Bin Laden is dead. I’m not going to be dancing in the streets and I am not feeling very proud that there are Americans who were.

  3. Ugh…makes me sick to my stomach to see people celebrating a death, even if it is the death of a horrible terrorist. The last 10 years has been sad with the loss of many lives. There is nothing to celebrate.

  4. I feel the exact same way. I tweeted about it and wrote about it on FB and most people seem to agree with us on this…
    It just seemed so wrong to be celebrating.
    I can understand gathering together in rememberance in NYC but the cheering was awful.

  5. Oh I so agree – I would have loved to see him stand a proper human trial.

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