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Dang Dog

It’s a good thing Higgins is so cute. Today has not been a great day for him!

6am: Higgins starts barking…which wakes Logan up. Anyone who knows me knows that this is a problem because I do not do well before 7am (oh who are we kidding…before 10am).

6:27am: Higgins jumps the gate downstairs and goes after the cat. Tiger makes a few laps around the house (with Higgins behind him) before I can corner Higgins. But not before Higgins runs into my right shin with his head – at top speed. (I’m now wondering if it’s the dog/cat ruckus or my swearing that woke Burke and Maggie…oh, and note that this is all STILL before 7am!)

8am: I pull a bloody cat claw out of Higgins’ head – right above the eye. (He’s fine.)

10am: I’m slowly able to walk without limping, but still unable to even touch my shin.

9:30pm: Walking fine, bruised, and still tender. How is it that the kids and the dog know just where to rest hands/heads/feets/paws??

Add to all that the apparent need for this dog to bark whenever he sees me walk down the stairs, walk up the stairs without him, or – heaven forbid – walk out the door…and you have one frazzled dog owner.

Good thing Trainer Mike comes again tomorrow!!

One Response

  1. Aw, poor pooch – I mean, poor Nancy! 🙂 If it makes you feel any better, about 10 days before my wedding, I was walking our family german shepherd and she went after a squirrel, yanking me to the ground in the process. I got a lovely scrape all over my forearm that was definitely not gone by the big day. Stupid dog.

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