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More on Conventions

Yesterday’s post was a snapshot of the MMOTA State Convention that I attended. This was my first MMOTA convention and I had a really good time. I’m sure that I would have had even more fun if I had stayed over Friday night, but as this was my first one, I was more comfortable driving down Saturday morning.

Apparently, Friday nights are the fun-get-to-know-people-dance-and-drink-all-night nights. Next year 😉

Saturday is the cool-raffles-fun-workshops-luncheon-speaker-shop-at-the-vendors day.

One of the workshops I went to was about cooking. Specifically cooking for kids, and making enough so that you can use it for lunch ideas the next day. Chef Tom used ….wait for it…..a crock pot!! A man after my own heart. Love, love, love my crock pot. He made short ribs (and we each got a taste of those holy cow yummy things). Then he used the “left-overs” to make ribbed grilled cheese sandwiches. Those were really good too! Then he got to his main point; use different liquids in your go-to meals and it’ll taste totally different. As a demonstration, he had muffins. He made them out of a typical cake mix and had one set made with water – as directed. The next set was coffee, then beer, then cranberry juice, then orange juice. Point made! They all tasted totally different. (Oh, and he put Blueberry beer in the short ribs…and I still liked them 😉 )

Definitely gonna need to expand my liquids. Wonder what I should try first…

Anyway … I skipped my next workshop (BAD NANCY!!!). But, seriously. I’d signed up for one of the (THREE!!) exercise workshops…hoping for the one that would be the least intense (bye bye baby belly or something like that…billed as strength training). When I showed up to the room they were in, I saw all the hot, sweaty ladies coming out and thought, “ya. I don’t want to stink for the rest of the day, thanks.” …and high-tailed it out of there.

It’s all good though cuz I spent my time browsing through the vendors and came away with some great Christmas presents! (And a cool bracelet for me.)

The lunch was good and the comedienne was mostly funny. (She bombed a few jokes, but I did get in a whole bunch of belly laughs). She has twins who are 5 and a 3 year old…to say that I could relate is an understatement 😉

I can’t believe it only took me 5 years to get up the courage to go to one of these…I’m *SO* there next year!!

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