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Keeping Things Straight

Ya. I don’t. Keep things straight, that is. Especially when it comes to the kids’ stuff.

Whenever anyone asks me who Burke or Maggie has for a teacher, I have to stop and think – every time. You’d think I’d have it straight by now. Nope. (ANOTHER pro for keeping them in the same class! 😉 )

And when I try to think of the other kids I know in each of their classes…I really have to stop and think of which kid is in which class. For example, Maggie has dance class with two of the girls in her class … but since one of the girls from Maggie’s dance class LAST year is in Burke’s class this year, I get all confused (and make an ass out of myself when talking to the parents…)

And forget about it if I see a mom without her kid(s) – especially out of context. It’s taken me months to realize that the mom I say “hi!” to at Logan’s school is the same mom who has a daughter in Maggie’s Girl Scout troop. (I don’t feel TOO bad about that because it took her about the same amount of time LOL!)

And keeping schedules straight is killer. I rely on my Mom’s Calendar (only the best one EVER) and my Outlook reminders. Seriously. I’d forget to: go downstairs to meet the bus, or let Nanny Jessica go home, or head to Art Class … if it wasn’t for my Outlook reminders. Luckily, these reminders pop up on my computer and on my phone, so no matter where I am, I get a ping.

And I now totally understand why all of my sisters’ and brother’s names were mixed up with mine when we were young. (Funny story: since I have a sister named Sharon, I was called “ShitNancy” a lot…or at least, that’s what it sounds like when you start “Sharon” stop abruptly and immediately say “Nancy” …Well. That’s funny now…)

How do YOU keep things straight??

2 Responses

  1. lol at shitnancy! I don’t keep things straight either. Mine aren’t twins but they are both in school and I am always getting them confused and calling them the wrong names! But Dennis is 10X worse that’s why the women are in charge!

  2. I don’t. I am awful!
    We are almost 3 months into school and I only know the name of Keith’s teacher. That’s it.
    Terrible, I know. LOL

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